October 2011 – Letter From The CEO

October 2011   Wednesday, October 5, 2011
Geof-Scanlon - Scanlon & Associates Employee Benefits BrokersThe Purpose of My E-Newsletter 
I hope you enjoy receiving my e-newsletter. It is intended to enhance and complement the personalized service that you already receive from me. The e-newsletter’s main objective is to ensure, regardless of busy work schedules and travel plans, that each of my clients will receive at least a minimal amount of timely advice on a regular basis. I also hope it will stimulate your thinking on issues related to your personal finances by providing you with articles on a variety of financial topics. Please feel free to call or e-mail me with any questions or comments, particularly with regard to the applicability of a given idea to your personal situation.Please be liberal in sharing this e-newsletter with your colleagues and friends. Feel free to call or e-mail me with the names and addresses of people who might enjoy receiving their own copy of this e-newsletter.
Get These Decisions Right 
The sheer number of financial decisions required to manage our finances can seem overwhelming. But often we spend an inordinate amount of time on small stuff – getting the bills paid on time, reconciling bank accounts, and calling to have a late charge waived. While those things need to get done, how do we judge whether we’re headed on the right course? There are six basic financial decisions that can determine the course of your financial life. 
Keep Track of Your Retirement Accounts 
In the past, when a person worked for one company for his/her entire career, keeping track of his/her retirement plan was easy. In those days, a retirement plan meant a pension; and unless you worked in the pension department, you didn’t have to do anything to manage it except show up for work. 
Financial Advice for Your Children 
It’s a common enough goal – to live a better life than your parents. While you may be able to say you accomplished that goal, how likely is it that your children will be able to say the same thing? To help them with that pursuit, make sure to teach them these important financial lessons. 
Contributing to a Spousal IRA 
A spousal individual retirement account (IRA) allows a nonworking spouse to contribute to an IRA, even though the spouse has little or no earned income. Here are the basics. 
What Is Causing the Jobless Recovery? 
Although the recession officially ended in June 2009, unemployment rates are decreasing slowly, the average length of unemployment remains at a historical high, and the unemployment rate is projected to remain above 7.8% until 2013. The concern is that we are again facing a jobless recovery, with economic activity growing while the unemployment rate remains high. 

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