April 2013- Letter from the CEO

April 2013
The Purpose of My E-NewsletterI hope you enjoy receiving my e-newsletter.  It is intended to enhance and complement the personalized service that you already receive from me.  The e-newsletter’s main objective is to ensure, regardless of busy work schedules and travel plans, that each of my clients will receive at least a minimal amount of timely advice on a regular basis.  I also hope it will stimulate your thinking on issues related to your personal finances by providing you with articles on a variety of financial topics.  Please feel free to call or e-mail me with any questions or comments, particularly with regard to the applicability of a given idea to your personal situation.
Is a College Degree Still Worth the Cost? 
You’ve probably heard the horror stories: recent graduates from well-known colleges and universities leave with a mountain of debt, can’t find a job, default on their loans, and move into their parents’ basements. Against the background of headlines of soaring college costs, tales like this have prompted many to ask whether a college education is really worth the expense.
Is Saving 10% Enough?
A common rule of thumb when planning for retirement is to save 10% of your gross income during your working years. Since this rule of thumb has been around for a long time, it’s logical to question whether it’s still an appropriate guideline. Several trends suggest that it is probably on the low side:
The Perilous State of Pension Plans
If you’re among the minority of American workers who are still covered by a pension plan, take note: state and private pensions all across the country are under financial stress and may not be able to pay out promised benefits in full.
Review Your Homeowners Insurance
Often, homeowners insurance is purchased with the home and then is not thought about again until a claim is made. But since there is little you can do at that point about your coverage, take time periodically to review your policy. Some items to consider include…
A Budget for Your College Student
Many students will first handle money without parental supervision during college. To help keep expenses down and avoid conflicts, you might want to develop a budget to guide your child’s spending. As you go through the process, consider the following…


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