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October 2015
Geof-Scanlon - Scanlon & Associates Employee Benefits Brokers
The Purpose of My E-Newsletter
I hope you enjoy receiving my e-newsletter.  It is intended to enhance and complement the personalized service that you already receive from me.  The e-newsletter’s main objective is to ensure, regardless of busy work schedules and travel plans, that each of my clients will receive at least a minimal amount of timely advice on a regular basis.  I also hope it will stimulate your thinking on issues related to your personal finances by providing you with articles on a variety of financial topics.  Please feel free to call or e-mail me with any questions or comments, particularly with regard to the applicability of a given idea to your personal situation. 

Please be liberal in sharing this e-newsletter with your colleagues and friends.  Feel free to call or e-mail me with the names and addresses of people who might enjoy receiving their own copy of this e-newsletter.

Coming to Terms with Stocks
It can be difficult to determine how to devise an investment strategy to                        help reach your financial goals. To help you determine a reasonable                        rate of return to expect on your stock investments, it might be                        instructive to review some facts about the stock market…
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Using P/E Ratios
Unfortunately, there is no way to tell with certainty whether a given                        stock is a good buy (or whether it’s time to sell), but a stock’s price                        to earnings ratio can provide an indication of the value of that stock.                        The price to earnings ratio — or P/E ratio — is the mostly widely used                        yardstick for evaluating stocks.
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Claiming Social Security Benefits
Social Security benefits are a significant component of most people’s                        retirement income. There are three basic retirement benefit types for                        workers and/or their spouses: a worker benefit, a spousal benefit, and a survivor’s benefit.
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What’s Your Risk Tolerance?
Risk tolerance is a term that comes up a lot when discussing investing.                        But what does it mean? In simplest terms, your risk tolerance is the                        amount of volatility — or upward and downward swings in value — that you                        can handle in your portfolio. It’s a fairly straightforward concept.                        The real challenge lies in determining your own personal risk tolerance.
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Time: Friend or Foe?
Here’s when time is your foe: when you have only a couple of years left                        to work, and you don’t have enough accumulated to retire. And here’s                        when time is on your side: you start saving in your twenties, save every                        month, and keep saving until you retire.
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