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 February 2016

 Geof-ScanlonThe Purpose of My E-NewsletterI hope you enjoy receiving my e-newsletter.  It is intended to enhance and complement the personalized service that you already receive from me.  The e-newsletter’s main objective is to ensure, regardless of busy work schedules and travel plans, that each of my clients will receive at least a minimal amount of timely advice on a regular basis.  I also hope it will stimulate your thinking on issues related to your personal finances by providing you with articles on a variety of financial topics.  Please feel free to call or e-mail me with any questions or comments, particularly with regard to the applicability of a given idea to your personal situation.


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7 Psychological Traps That Make You a Worse Investor
Sometimes when it comes to investing, volatile markets aren’t your worst enemy. It’s actually you. That’s because money and logic don’t always go hand in hand. Unfortunately, our brain often plays tricks on us, causing even the savviest of investors to make decisions that don’t really make a lot of sense, from panic selling to ignoring opportunities.
[FULL ARTICLE…7 Psychological Traps That Make You a Worse Investor]
Reevaluate Your Portfolio
Periodically, you should thoroughly review your portfolio to ensure it is still helping you work toward your investment goals. Follow these steps during that review. Review your current portfolio mix. List the current value of all your investments.
[FULL ARTICLE…Reevaluate Your Portfolio]
Converting to a Roth IRA
Roth IRAs are a valuable retirement planning tool, as they offer a source of tax-free income after you retire. And since the federal government relaxed conversion rules in 2010, even high-income earners have been able convert to Roth IRAs. But despite some advantages, Roth IRA conversions aren’t right for everyone. In simplest terms, a Roth conversion involves changing the tax treatment of your retirement savings.
[FULL ARTICLE…Converting to a Roth IRA]
Retirement Withdrawal Rates
When planning for retirement, most people are focused on how much they need to save. They tend to spend less time thinking about how they’ll make their nest egg last once they stop working. Below, we cover some of the most important things you need to know about retirement withdrawal rates to make your savings last.
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Reevaluate Your Life Insurance at Retirement
As retirement age approaches, it’s usually a good time to reassess your life insurance policies to see if your needs have changed. With your children on their own and no earned income to replace, you may no longer need a large life insurance policy. Especially if your insurance premiums are high, you may be tempted to cancel the policy, take the cash surrender value, and enjoy retirement.
[FULL ARTICLE…Reevaluate Your Life Insurance at Retirement]

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