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April 2016
Geof-Scanlon - Scanlon & Associates Employee Benefits BrokersThe Purpose of My E-NewsletterI hope you enjoy receiving my e-newsletter.  It is intended to enhance and complement the personalized service that you already receive from me.  The e-newsletter’s main objective is to ensure, regardless of busy work schedules and travel plans, that each of my clients will receive at least a minimal amount of timely advice on a regular basis.  I also hope it will stimulate your thinking on issues related to your personal finances by providing you with articles on a variety of financial topics.  Please feel free to call or e-mail me with any questions or comments, particularly with regard to the applicability of a given idea to your personal situation.

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Estate-Planning Considerations for Your Children
It takes special care to create an estate plan that efficiently distributes your assets and meets your goals for every person and cause important to you. But no part of the process means more to most people than that which involves their children.
[FULL ARTICLE…Estate-Planning Considerations for Your Children]
Big Life Changes?
Does your financial plan fit with your current life? If it’s more than a few years old, there’s a good chance it doesn’t. After all, your financial plan isn’t just a static document. It’s a dynamic set of guidelines that need to be adjusted whenever your life changes.
[FULL ARTICLE…Big Life Changes?]
To Sell or Not to Sell?
To buy or not to buy? To sell or not to sell? Those are perhaps two of the most difficult questions that an investor will ever face. Knowing when to buy and sell securities is a tough game, and trying to choose the perfect moments to get in and out of the market is very difficult for individual investors.
[FULL ARTICLE…To Sell or Not to Sell?]
Investing Dos and Don’ts
Investing is a very involved process with a lot of financial jargon that can be difficult for a layperson to interpret. With so many things to consider throughout the investment process, it helps to have guidance. Here is a list of do’s and don’ts to remember whether you are a new investor or a seasoned veteran.
[FULL ARTICLE…Investing Dos and Don’ts]
Should You Serve as a Guardian?
When asked to serve as the guardian of someone’s minor children in the event of his/her death, it is usually meant as a compliment that the person trusts you to serve in this important role. While you may fear that you’ll hurt your relationship with that person by saying no, don’t accept this role without giving it serious thought.
[FULL ARTICLE…Should You Serve as a Guardian?]

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