Our History

Scanlon and associates health insurance brokers nky
In 1994, Geof and Janet Scanlon started Scanlon & Associates, Inc. to help owners of small local businesses find the best possible benefits available for their employees.

 While helping these business owners, the Scanlons soon realized a need for increasing sales.  It became evident that old sales practices such as cold calling just didn’t work anymore, so in 1999 they added BNI to their portfolio of companies.  The Referral Institute, their next addition in 2009, helps professionals learn how to create a referral strategy.  

 Today Scanlon & Associates helps over 1,000 businesses save and create more profits for their respective companies.


As professional financial services providers, Scanlon & Associates promises to review, research and recommend only those products and services which effectively and economically meet a client’s needs.  We provide our services with complete INTEGRITY OF PURPOSE.


Scanlon & Associates is prepared to handle all your needs, such as selection of insurance for your business, employee benefit plans, advice and assistance with business tax preparation and documentation, and professional counsel on investment options and opportunities.